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En Aurolan Consulting nuestra experiencia en el sector nos avala, es por eso que conocemos gran parte de los operadores logísticos y agentes comerciales. Gracias a esto, podemos ofrecer a nuestros clientes soluciones personalizadas a sus problemas de suministro, incluidos tiempos de entrega y métodos de pago, asi como optimización de márgenes.

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Legal and technical assistance

In Aurolan Consulting, our service is legal and technical assistance is designed to provide our clients with the security and knowledge in the complex energy environment. Our team of legal experts and highly trained technicians, offers expert guidance on regulatory issues and policy, ensuring compliance with the laws applicable in the sector. In addition, we provide technical solutions up to date and efficient, ensuring that your business has the best practices and technologies to maximize their performance and competitiveness in the market. With Aurolan Consulting, will be backed by a comprehensive service that will allow you to make informed decisions and strategic to achieve the success in your business energy.

Intermediation in the purchase-sale

In Aurolan Consulting, we offer a service of intermediation in the sale and purchase of gas stations and service stations, facilitating business opportunities, strong and successful. Our team of experts in the energy sector acts as a bridge between buyers and sellers, ensuring transactions are transparent and beneficial to both parties. Thanks to our extensive network of contacts and deep knowledge of the market, identify opportunities for strategic investment and manage the process of negotiation in a professional and confidential. Trust Aurolan Consulting to ensure a brokerage effective that will allow you to achieve your business objectives with success.

Advice of delivery

In Aurolan Consulting, our advisory service for energy supply gives you the confidence and peace of mind they need to optimize their supply. Our team of specialists are analyzed in detail your supply needs and works closely with suppliers to ensure an acquisition efficiently and at the best possible cost. Whether you're looking for renewable energy sources, strategies, long-term purchase or custom solutions, our client-focused approach ensures that its operations are supported by an energy supply optimum and sustainable. In Aurolan Consulting, we are dedicated to providing you with the advice most current and effective to promote your business in the competitive energy market.

Completion of work and project

In Aurolan Consulting, we offer a comprehensive service of execution of work and a project for gas stations and service stations. Our team of engineers and experts in the field of energy is responsible for carrying out turnkey projects, from conception to execution. We make sure that every detail is carefully planned and monitored to ensure the quality, efficiency and compliance with the established deadlines. Whether you need a new construction, expansion or modernization of your installation, we are prepared to provide technical solutions and up-to-date to boost your business to success. With Aurolan Consulting, your project will be in the hands of professionals committed to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Operational management and exploitation

In Aurolan Consulting, we offer a specialised service of operational management and exploitation of gas stations and service stations. Our highly trained team is responsible for optimizing the operation of daily business, ensuring an efficient and cost-effective. From inventory management and sales, to customer service, we focus on maximizing your productivity and reduce unnecessary costs. Our strategic approach and experience in the energy sector ensure that your business is prepared to meet the challenges of the current market. With Aurolan Consulting, your service station will reach new levels of efficiency and economic performance.

Expansión Portugal

En Aurolan Consulting facilitamos el acceso de las empresas al sector de los hidrocarburos en Portugal, aportando un conocimiento en los trámites que agiliza el proceso de consecución de las licencias necesarias para operar. 

El territorio portugués goza de ciertas particularidades a la hora de instaurar allí una estación de servicio, desde sus características morfológicas, sus diferencias en cuanto a suministro, los trámites con la administración pública o sus obligaciones tributarias.

Servicios esenciales:

– Análisis estratégico; competencia, localización y modelo de negocio.

– Contratación de servicios profesionales para la realización de proyecto (arquitectos, aparejadores..etc)

– Trámites con la administración pública para la consecución de licencias

– Desarrollo de obra civil

– Asesoramiento en suministro

– Selección y formación de personal

– Gestión y explotación

– Asesoramiento en materia tributaria


In Aurolan Consulting, our approach to energy consultancy is based on three fundamental pillars:



Our collaborative approach ensures that we are always in tune with their needs, allowing us to implement energy strategies most up to date and effective to achieve the success together.



Our team of experts is immersed in a thorough process of assessment, data and key statistics, to identify opportunities for improvement and areas where they can maximize operational efficiency.



We accompany our customers every step of the implementation process, ensuring that the solutions integrate seamlessly into your daily operation.

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